Facebook Secretly Built “Popular Photos”, an In-app Instagram

You can call this copycat from Facebook but they own the app. A new feature called Popular Photos has been spotted on Facebook still under test.

The new feature on Facebook “Popular Photos”, allows users who have opened a photo on Facebook to scroll down and view more photos that Facebook thinks they may be interested in. The result is an experience that feels like the instagram feed, but inside Facebook.

Just like we have it with Instagram, image descriptions are heavily shortened to about 65 characters, meaning that the image remains the primary focus.

Facebook previously had a “Photos” feature on its desktop version which allowed users to browse through Photos, but this no longer exists.

A Facebook spokesperson confirms that Facebook was running a small test of Popular Photos in October when we spotted it. That trial has concluded but the team is now iterating on the product and plans to do updated tests in the future.

What is stopping Facebook from being a full clone Instagram is the absence of the Explore Tab and Media Feed; every other features like Stories, messaging, profiles, Video hubs etc are already available on the social media platform.
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