How To Change Android Smartphone MAC Address (Rooted Device)

In this post, i will be showing you how to change the MAC address of an Android phone. This working method to change android device MAC address will only work for rooted android smartphones, so if your Android device is not rooted, you should not bother attempting this tutorial.


Changing the MAC address of an Android device isn’t necessary most times, but sometimes one likes to stay on the safer side of the internet, you might find your self surfing through restricted websites most times, automatically your MAC address is leaked and even a VPN client can’t help you hide it.

So to avoid being tracked, you have to make sure your MAC address isn’t leaked and even if it’s leaked, it won’t be the MAC address assigned to your Android device from your device manufacturer.

How To Change Android Smartphone MAC Address (Rooted Device)

Note: Before proceeding, make sure to check your Android device MAC address and copy it out just in case you want to revert to it. You can check your MAC address by going to Settings > About device > MAC Address.
  1. You need to download and install BusyBox on your Android device, keep in mind that this app needs root access, so if you’re not rooted, kindly get your Android device rooted or you don’t carry out the steps at all.
  2. After Downloading BusyBox, you need to download and install Terminal Emulator on your Android device as well. Once you’ve downloaded both apps, you can proceed to the steps shown below.
  3. Once the Terminal Emulator has been installed, now open the terminal emulator and type 'su'
  4. and hit the enter button. It will request superuser access, you need to grant access to it. 
  5. Now to check your current MAC address, type “busybox iplink show eth0″ then press the enter button.
  6. After you’ve done that, now you need to type “busybox ifconfig eth0 hw ether XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX” (without the quotation marks). You should replace the XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX with the new MAC address you want to assign, you can use this link to generate random MAC address.
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