How to Recover Disabled Facebook Account Within 24hrs

In this post, i will be showing you how to recover your disabled Facebook. Your Facebook Account was probably disabled because of some suspicious activities which you may not be aware of or you violated Facebook term of services such as impersonating someone, or harassing someone etc.

Before we touch the solution, you need to for ascertain if your FB account was temporarily locked or disabled.

Temporarily locked: For temporary locked account, you’ll still be able to login to that account, but required to do some photo identification process or answer your security questions.

Disabled: You will get a message that your account has been disabled when you attempt to login.
Disabled is of two types: Permanent and Temporary.

Temporary disabled means you can still recover back your account, while permanently disabled means you won’t be able to recover back that account.

How to Recover Disabled Facebook Account

Submit an Appeal: Appeal is the only way to recover your Facebook disabled account. To submit an appeal, follow the link below

Facebook Appeal Form 1.
  1. You’ll be required to “enter your login email or mobile Phone number”

  2. Enter your name as it appears on Facebook before your account was disabled

  3. And finally, provide a Valid ID card like Voters Card, National iD card, Drivers license or International passport

What if I Used a Nick name on Facebook?

In case where you used a nick name on Facebook instead of your real name, then use the second form below to submit your appeal.

Facebook Appeal Form 2

Fill the form, cross check it again to be sure all the information you’ve provided are acurrate. The hit the submit button.

Wait for Facebook to contact you after which your account will be reactivated. Let us know what you think in comment.
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