See New Sony Smartphone Camera Sensor in a Teaser Video

Sony is reportedly preparing a new camera sensor for a smartphone named IMX686 which is likely to be the successor of IMX586.

Its existence was revealed through a teaser video uploaded to YouTube.

In the 2-minute and 29-second video, Sony showed a series of photos taken with the IMX686 sensor in a variety of conditions, from selfies to stars in the night sky.

Although the video shows a smartphone, the appearance of the device is nothing more than an illustration. Because related sensors are still not installed in cellphones for video production purposes.

“All photos (still images) in this video were taken with an IMX686 model sensor from Sony on a prototype and PC circuit board,” reads the statement written at the beginning of the video made by Sony.

It is said that the Sony IMX686 sensor has a resolution of 64MP and will be present on smartphones from 2020.

Watch the teaser video below:

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