Things that Makes your Smartphone Memory Always Full

In this post, i will be showing you things that could be the culprit of storage full on your smartphone. One of the notification you would not like to see in your phone is “Storage Almost Full” notice. To find a solution to this, you must at least know the causes of this problem. 

List of Possible things that makes your Phone Memory always Full

1. Applications that use large memory

There are many applications that apparently secretly have massive video, audio and photo files. You can check it in the smartphone settings and be surprised by the amount presented either from a layout that holds a lot of memory to audio.

2. Photos

Sometimes the best moments are from ‘burst’ photos so you have a few similar but many photos. Choosing the best can be a solution. In addition, the resolution you use when taking a picture is probably the best, so it consumes quite a large amount of space.

Unknowingly a lot of smartphone memory is used. For the solution, you can opt for cloud services such as Google Photos on Android phones that can be used to store adequate resolution photos for free.

3. Install relevant applications only

When you want to install new applications, delete the ones you haven’t used for a long time, so you save a lot of memory.

4. Conversations that eat space

One of the reasons your phone displays not having enough space is the usage of instant messaging apps. There are new ways to get conversations going on the IM apps, these include the exchange of media files such as GIFs, photos, stickers and audio.

You should know when to clear your apps data, memory and also control how you exchange photos, videos, or GIFs so that the memory can be freed up more.
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