Android Users Can Now Make Phone Calls on PC with the Windows 10

After a period of beta testing with Windows Insiders. At last, Microsoft is ready to make the calling feature in Your Phone on Windows 10, it is available for all users. The company announced in a tweet that the feature has now hit general ability, allowing all Android users to make and receive phone calls on a Windows 10 PC.

Please note that the distribution is gradual. And maybe for the moment, it is limited to some markets. Often Microsoft starts from the United States, its homeland, and then expands to Europe and other continents.

Your Phone must be installed on Windows 10 PCs if it is not already present. While on Android the official companion app must be downloaded from the Play Store. You can find the links below. Once the two devices communicate, different tabs appear. Such as SMS, recent photos and, in fact, calls. From here it is possible to call any number in the phonebook. If a phone call arrives on the smartphone, it is also possible to answer from a PC.

Warning! A Fake Windows 10 Update Has A Ransomeware Hidden In It

It is worth mentioning that as Microsoft has just released its newest update of Windows 10, a new phishing campaign is taking the advantage to spread in the form of an email, prompting users of Windows 10 to install a critical update.

Researchers at Trustwave have released details of this new threat. It attempts to trick users into hijacking their PCs and demanding a ransom.

The e-mail, which is currently in English and seems to come from Microsoft, has the subject ” Install Latest Microsoft Windows Update now!” or “Critical Microsoft Windows Update!” And prompt the reader to install the included update as an attachment. In reality, it is a program that downloads ransomware called Cyborg.
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