You will Now Get a Notification from Chrome When a Password is Stolen

Google launched the Chrome browser version 79 which comes with a number of improvements, one of which is password protection.

The biggest improvement from Chrome is a warning if a password is stolen, as part of protection against data breaches.

Previously, Google had warned about passwords with a password checking tool, but now the US tech giant is entering the tool directly into Chrome to provide a warning when a user enters a site in the browser’s page.

Users can use the new functionality in the synchronization settings in Chrome, and Google uses a very unique and encrypted copy of the password to match it using multiple layers of encryption.

This step allows Google to safely match passwords using a technique called private set intersection with blinding.

In addition to password warnings, Google also increases phishing protection with real-time options. Google uses a list of phishing sites that are updated every 30 minutes, but Google found that cyber criminals quickly moved domains or protected from Google tools.

Meanwhile, password protection with the real-time option will produce 30 percent more warnings for phishing cases.

Google also increased the number of support for Chrome profiles. When users use more than one profiles in Chrome or share a PC with other users, Chrome now has a better visual indicator of the profile being used, so users can ensure the password is saved to the correct profile.

All of these features will be launched gradually in the next few weeks.
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