How to Check NIN (NIMC) Number Using USSD Code

The National Identity Card usage has greatly increased tremendously as the country has embraced the use of digital systems and modern technologies to increase the rate of registration by Nigerians despite the fact that the National Identity Card still takes years to be ready.

Nigerian National Identity Card is done by National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) which previously on my post i showed you how to check if your National Identity Card is ready or not because some of you have registered for NIMC for long but don’t even know if it’s ready for collection or not.

Today in this post, for those who have enrolled or registered for the National Identity Card successfully but will like to check their NIN number, instead of going directly to the NIN office to check, you can simply do that with the aid of the newly announced USSD code.

What is National Identification Number (NIN)?

The National Identification Number (NIN) is a set of numbers (usually 11 in number) that is assigned to a user individual upon successful enrollment for the National Identification System by NIMC.

Perhaps you’ve enrolled but misplaced the paper slip given to you, here is how to check your NIN number with USSD code.

How to Check NIN Number Using USSD Code

  1. Navigate to your dialer or phone app and dial *346#
  2. Select the “NIN Retrieval” option, by typing in ‘1’ to check your NIN number if you dialed this code from the phone number you used when registering for your NIN.
  3. Select “NIN Search” by typing in ‘2’, to check your NIN by inputting some of your registration details if you’ve lost your phone number or using another phone.
  4. Congratulations, you are finally able to check your NIN for your mobile device.

Note: You  need to have at least N20 Airtime on your phone because you will be charged a onetime fee of N20 once you dial the USSD code above.

You must dial from the sim associated with a previous registration of either voter’s card, driver’s license, bvn or any other registration that got your thumbprint and photo.

And finally, you can also check if the original Plastic NIMC is ready for collection or not by checking this post here.
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