Meet LG's TV That Can Roll Up Like a Projector Screen

At the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) technology exhibition that is taking place in Las Vegas, USA, LG shows its newest rollable TV set that can be rolled up.

If believed, the OLED panel TV with a size of 65 inches 4K resolution is similar to a projector screen that is commonly found in tight spaces. Moreover, this device can also be installed on the ceiling of the house.

Citing The Verge, because it can be rolled (rollable), the TV screen can be pulled down when you want to use it, and then rolled up again when done. However, it is uncertain whether this rollable TV by LG will be sold commercially or not.

In addition to the rollable TV set, LG also exhibited a number of other OLED panelled TV sets at the CES 2020 event.

One of them is a TV that can be mounted on an aircraft wall, to maximize user comfort.

Some of these include a 55-inch OLED TV designed for aircraft cabin walls, a 65-inch OLED TV with adjustable curves on both sides, and a transparent 55-inch OLED TV that can be inserted as a partition in the aircraft cabin.

Watch teaser video: 

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