OneSearch a Yahoo Search Engine Focused on Privacy

Verizon recently released a brand-new search engine called Yahoo OneSearch powered by Microsoft Bing, declared ‘privacy-oriented’.

Yahoo claims OneSearch will not track, store or share personal data and user searches with advertisers, and stresses that the search engine encrypts searches for extra security.

Because OneSearch does not store search terms, IP addresses, or geographical locations, it will not filter or optimize search results based on these categories.

Some features mentioned by Yahoo will only work with the Advanced Privacy Mode activated, so users must ensure that the feature is always active.

The following features are offered by Yahoo OneSearch:
  • No tracking cookies, retargeting methods, personal profile analysis;
  • Do not share personal data with advertisers;
  • Does not save user’s search history;
  • Unfiltered search results;
  • Encrypted search terms.
One other thing that OneSearch highlights is that the search engine will encrypt all user search terms to help keep search data from being shared with service providers and advertisers.

So users will not be targeted by advertisers after searching for something. Users can also activate SafeSearch to avoid adult content and NSFW web pages in search results.

Yahoo OneSearch is available for free on desktop and mobile, so it can be found through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
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