How to Use Ntel 4G/LTE Unlimited Free Browsing Via YourFreedom VPN

In this post, i will be showing you how to Use Ntel 4G/LTE Unlimited Free Browsing Via YourFreedom VPN. If you have abandoned your Ntel SIM card due to their high-priced of data, short/hard means of subscribing, can't access the account balance on request and many more. Quickly clean up the dust and insert it back in your device, then get set to enjoy unlimited free browsing.

Things you Need to Use Ntel 4G/LTE Unlimited Free Browsing Via YourFreedom VPN

  1. A Premium YourFreedom VPN account (Ignore if you have already gotten it for Glo)
  2. ntel 4G/LTE SIM without data
  3. YourFreedom android app
  4. Config file
  5. The cheat is unlimited, browsing speed is quite okay, but download speed is not that fast
The config file does not expire and you can download it from here. You will also need the current working version of YourFreedom VPN Client Android app which you can download from the play store here.

How to Configure YourFreedom VPN Settings Fot Ntel 4G/LTE Unlimited Free Browsing

  • Once the YourFreedom Client has been downloaded from the link above, visit using a VPN.
  • Next is to create an account and then subscribe to the MobilePlus plan. The cost of the plan is just $2 and payment is via PayPal.
  • Import the Config file you downloaded above on YourFreedom VPN, by clicking on Configure > Backup/Restore > Load Config, then locate the config file and import it.

  • Add your premium account details you earlier created, kindly input your username and password in the YourFreedom app, by clicking on Configure > Account Information.
  • Go back to the main page and tap on Start Connection.

  • It will connect within 10 seconds, when it connects, just minimize the app and start browsing and downloading.

How to Enjoy This Unlimited Free Browsing On PC

You can actually share/tether your VPN connection with friends and loved ones who are using Android phone or to your PC. You can check the detail on how to Share/tether your VPN here.
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