New MTN MPulse Data Plan and How to Power All your App with it

MTN Nigeria recently adjusted the prices of MTN Mpulse Data plans and remember they recently started offering MTN free SMS to their customers. You can now get mPulse data of 200MB for just N50 And Mtn mPulse plan of 700MB for N150.

MTN mPulse plan of N50 was released before at the rate of 100MB and now, 1000MB has been added to it which makes it 200MB, And MTN mPulse plan of 150 is released before at the rate of 350MB Approximately 350MB too have been added to it which make it be 700MB.

Unfortunately, the plan can only work for us with the help of some VPN, because the plan was designed to equip students between the ages of 9 and 15.

How to Subscribe or Activate MTN mPulse Data Plan

To activate the plan you have to be an MTN mPulse subscriber which means your MTN line will be in MTN Mpulse Tariff Click Here for details,but if your MTN Sim is already on the plan, you can proceed to the next step below:

1. To subscribe to MTN Mpulse Data plan dial *344# and select option two (2) you will be provided with the appropriate plans.
  • Mtn Mpluse 50 for 200MB And
  • Mtn Mpluse 150 for 700MB
2. Select your choice and subscribe to the plan.

For those that are not on the MTN mPulse plan, check the steps below to migrate to the plan.

How to Migrate to MTN mPulse Plan

  1. Simply dial *344*1# or Send ‘mPulse’ to 131 and you will be migrated to plan.
You can now go ahead and subscribe to the MTN mPulse data plan.

How to Power Your Apps with MTN mPulse Data Plan With VPN

There are several VPNs that can be used to power-up the mPulse data plan, but as we said earlier, we’ve selected the best out of the best and they are most recommended by us check out the list below.
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