9 Million Customers Data Stolen by EasyJet Hackers

EasyJet, a budget airline based in the UK, admitted that hackers breached its servers and stole the details of 9 million customers. Data taken include email addresses, travel plans, and in some cases, credit card information.

The hack appears to have started in January, but EasyJet is still investigating. Chief Executive Officer Johan Lundgren commented that “…since we became aware of the incident, it has become clear that owing to COVID-19 there is heightened concern about personal data being used for online scams. As a result, and on the recommendation of the ICO, we are contacting those customers whose travel information was accessed and we are advising them to be extra vigilant, particularly if they receive unsolicited communications.”

EasyJet says it doesn’t appear that anyone is misusing the personal information stolen yet. But that hackers access over 2,000 customer credit card details. For its part, the company is now working with leading forensic efforts and notified the National Cyber Security Centre.

EasyJet promises it will contact all 9 million affected customers may May 26th and is advising caution about any unsolicited emails that appear to be from EasyJet. Thanks to the information stolen, customers may be more vulnerable than usual to phishing attempts.

If you have flown with EasyJet, it might time to contact your credit card company and lock down your accounts.
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