How to Get a Flat Rate of 11k/sec ton GLO to Call ANY NETWORK in Nigeria

Grandmasters of data, Globacom, has revealed via twitter handle that the quest to give its subscribers more talk time to communicate with family, friends and business associates locally, prompted the introduction of its well-received product, 11k Per Second For All.

The product allows Glo customers who activate the new tariff to call any network in Nigeria at the flat rate of 11 kobo per second (excl. VAT).

It is a nice plan for the customers who make a lot of voice calls and/or customers who currently do not have data-enabled phones and are therefore unable to enjoy Glo’s unmatched data plans.

It is important to note that this tariff plan tagged with a daily access fee of N7 (excl. VAT) which is charged with the first call of the day.

How To Enjoy to Glo 11k/sec Tariff Plan

Glo customers can join the 11k plan by dialing the migration code: *311#

The standard migration rule will apply. i.e First migration in a month is free. Subsequent migration within the same month is charged at N100.

How Much do I Pay for Calls on this Plan?

  • Onnet call rate: 11k/s (Excluding VAT)
  • Offnet call rate: 11k/s (Excluding VAT)
  • Access Fee on first outgoing call of the day: N7 (N7.17 including VAT)
  • International call rate: At standard International call Tariff
  • Flexi Data browsing: N1/MB

What is the SMS Rate for Glo 11k/sec Tariff Plan?

  • On-net SMS: N4/SMS
  • Off-net SMS: N4/SMS
  • International SMS: N35/SMS

Do I need to pay the access fee if I receive the call?

No. The access fee won’t be charged if you receive any call. The access fee will be charged only on the first outgoing call of the day.

Would I be charged the daily access fee if I have not made any calls?

No. The daily access fee is only charged when you initiate your 1st call of the day. Subsequent calls for the day are charged at 11k/s flat to all customers.

How To Opt-Out of Glo 11k/sec plan?

If you want to unsubscribe from Glo 11k/sec tariff plan, dial the migration code of the other profile you want.

Also, you can enjoy 1GB data for just N300, simply dial *777# to get it done.
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