You will Soon be Able to Use Your WhatsApp on up to 4 Devices

This feature has been longed awaited and it appears we are going to have it sooner than we think. It is a step in the right direction if you are able to use your number on WhatsApp on 4 different devices.

As usual, popular WhatsApp leaker, WABETAinfo revealed that WhatsApp has introduced a hidden function in its Android beta that lets you use the app on four devices with the same number.

The report notes that the chat app has introduced a menu called Linked Devices which will let you manage and add devices linked to your number registered with WhatsApp.

This feature is currently under development. So there’s no information on when it’ll be available to users. WhatsApp has hinted towards this feature in the past through its registration notification for beta versions.

Once this feature is available for beta users, it will appear under linked devices as seen in the image above. This section will help the user to add a new device and, like the current WhatsApp Web/Desktop section, it reports all linked devices to your WhatsApp account.

Look out for it probably in the next update or so.
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