Microsoft to Officially End Support for Internet Explorer in 2021

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced it will stop support for Internet Explorer in August 2021, with the Microsoft Teams web app stopping support for the browser on November 30, 2020. The tech giant will also be sun-setting Microsoft Edge Legacy on March 9th 2021.

The end of Internet Explorer support next year will extend across Microsoft’s 365 apps and online services, like OneDrive and Office 365. Microsoft is encouraging its customers especially those who are loyal Internet Explorer fans to migrate over to its newer browser, Microsoft Edge, which boasts a faster and more responsive experience, improved privacy, and more helpful features and tools.

Microsoft has also created an Internet Explorer legacy mode, which is housed within the Edge browser and offers enterprise users a way to access their business-related sites that were specifically designed for Internet Explorer until support fully drops in August of 2021. It has also offered help for transitioning browsers, though this is primarily aimed at IT administrators.

Dropping support for the legacy version of Microsoft Edge in March of next year is another way Microsoft is trying to guide its Windows 10 users over to its new browser…also called Microsoft Edge (but this time built on a Chromium framework). At that point, the legacy version won’t receive further security updates.
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