Huawei Plans to Completely move from Android to Harmony OS

The Harmony OS Project has been ON since Huawei unveiled it last year, and now that Huawei issues with the US persist, the company plans to replace Android OS with Harmony OS in all its phones.

According to reports, Huawei has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in developing its Harmony OS ecosystem and now reckons it has reached 70-80 percent of the performance features of Android OS, and the system is improving nearly every day.

Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s consumer businesses said Huawei would make Harmony available to other Chinese smartphone makers, assuming the US continues its tech crusade. That, in turn, will kick-start a parallel smartphone ecosystem to rival Android and iOS.

“Since May 16, 2019, major chips and technologies from the US have not been available (to Huawei). But we have prepared for nearly 10 years to develop our own chips, software, and supplies, so the first round of US sanctions was not a crisis for Huawei,” Yu said, although the sanctions have had a greater impact on Huawei’s consumer businesses since Google’s ecosystem can’t be used in overseas markets.

On August 17 this year, the US tightened its restriction so that no one can sell chips made with US technology to Huawei.

“This has caused a huge crisis for us. We are working day and night to solve the problem… we can still hold on for a while, but it is indeed a difficult period when your own designed good chips cannot be produced, and other people’s chips cannot be sold to us,” Yu said.

Huawei already has its App Gallery to rival Google Playstore, and Huawei Map Kit to rival Google Maps. Once it’s sure Harmony OS is 100% complete, the company will ditch Android OS in all its smartphones even though it may be difficult to adopt at first by other Chinese brands.
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