Fresh Instructions Issued Out by NIMC For Those Who Don’t Have NIN

National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has issued a fresh instruction regarding National Identification Number (NIN) generated via Bank Verification Number (BVN).

Before now, Nigerians believe that even if you don’t have NIN but you have BVN, it will automatically generate a random NIN for you. The believe is that when you registered for your BVN, an NIN number was created for you.

But NIMC took to their twitter handle to issue a fresh instruction to citizens who haven’t enrolled for their National Identity Card Management.

On its Twitter handle, @nimc_ng, the commission said Nigerians must complete their NIN registration, even if their BVN generates the special digit.

The notice read: “If your NIN was generated due to the BVN record harmonisation with the National Identity Database, you will not have access to the NIMC mobile app and your NIN-SIM integration will be invalid.

“Kindly visit an enrolment centre to complete your NIN registration.” The new order comes a day after NIMC warned Nigerians to stay away from a fake app that claims to help link NIN to SIM cards.

The commission claimed that the app was run by fraudsters, who used it to harvest NINs and BVNs. While crowds continued to besiege the enrolment centres, others have kept throwing tantrums at the Federal Government, NIMC and the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) for making them pass through what they described as harrowing experiences.

I know it has not been easy registering for National Identity Card because of the administrative bottle neck who have decided to play politics with it in different centers but you still need to try to get registered.
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