WhatsApp New Privacy Policy: Have You Switch to Another Messaging App?

WhatsApp owned by Facebook with a userbase of more than 2 billion, in a surprise move, has updated its privacy policy and users are not happy about it.

Users are receiving this notice via a pop-up alert in the app, narrowing down on the new set of policies that are in place. If you don’t accept the new privacy policy, your current WhatsApp will be deleted.

Some individuals are already switching to another messaging platform because WhatsApp broke its promise of privacy policy and keeping the user interest at stake.

When Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19 billion, they vowed user privacy protection, and that no changes would be made to it. But now, the tables have turned as the opt-out option is going to be completely removed by February 8. Decline the new policies and you’ll no longer be able to use WhatsApp at all.

Switching messaging apps is probably the single hardest thing to do online, short of maybe changing your primary email address. And in large part, that’s because it’s not really up to you.

We’re all stuck using whatever our friends and family have, and convincing them all to make the jump with you is a herculean task.

So, have you switched from WhatsApp to something else? Feel free to tell us your recommendations (if you have any that might help fellow readers) or any tips for getting friends and family to make the switch.
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