Glo Smartphones Festival with Free 36GB Data

Glo is set to delight its subscribers this year as it unveils another season of its Smartphone Festival Promo, which comes with up to a whopping 36GB of free data for subscribers to share with their loved ones.

The promo, according to a Globacom statement, is aimed at giving its subscribers a treat as they join the world to celebrate the yearly Valentine’s season when people express their love and affection with greetings and gifts.

It explained that the promo is open to subscribers who purchase two smartphones from any of the GloWorld shops, adding that it will run from February 8 to February 22.

According to Glo, “This offer is our way of adding flavour to our customers’ Valentine Season’s enjoyment. We expect that our customers will be engaged in a lot of online activities before and around February 14, so we decided to make it easier for them to buy devices at affordable prices for themselves and their loved ones”, Globacom stated.

It added that “they will also use the free data bundles accruing from the promo to reach their loved ones to express their feelings of love and commitment,”

You can buy different types of handsets including iPhones, Samsung, Nokia, Infinix, Tecno, Vivo, Imose and Itel, adding that “The subscriber is assured of the genuineness of the phones which come with warranties and after-sales support from the manufacturers.

The prices at the Gloworld outlets are also the most competitive in the market”,

The company stated further that the price of smartphones purchased by subscribers will determine the data slabs, adding that up to 3GB to 36GB of free data will be given to the subscribers over the next six months.
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