First Hotel in Space Will Start Construction in 2025, Open to Guests in 2027

Recently there was news about the first space hotel that will start construction in 2025 and will be open to guests in 2027.

While many people can only dream of taking a vacation abroad, there are now projects underway to take a vacation abroad, literally.

Reporting from reports India Times, Tuesday (02/03/2021), Gateway Station Voyager by The Gateway Foundation offers luxury holidays in a room where people not only can reserve and rent a hotel suite for a temporary living but also buying a villa as a vacation home.

“You can call it a destination hotel, a low-Earth orbit cruise ship, or a city in space with a spaceport. But the best way to understand this complex part of the infrastructure is to look at its namesake: The Gateway, ”they wrote.

The Gateway Foundation’s plans include the development of a strong space construction industry, the first artificial gravity space station, and the Gateway.

“This is an important first step towards colonising space and the rest of the world – the Gateway Foundation will connect people from all over the world so we can take this first step together.”

Apart from the luxurious living, one can expect a world-class dining experience at the Voyager restaurant, the sky bar with the best views at the station and the gym and activities module.

“At night, the gym and activity module will turn into a concert venue where the world’s greatest musicians will rock the station as it circles the planet,” they added.

Guests can experience all of this while hopping in the Earth’s 1/6 gravity environment.

“Don’t want to go up the stairs? Due to lower gravity, jump off the balcony and slowly land on the level below.”
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