More than 500 Million LinkedIn User Data Leaked, Illegally Sold!

Internet users were shocked by the leakage of data on Facebook where more than 500 million data containing phone numbers and usernames can be found easily on the internet.

But recently a similar thing has also happened to the social media platform LinkedIn. It is known that this Microsoft-owned professional social media site has experienced a data leak.

As a result, as many as 500 million LinkedIn user data leaked, of which, there are people who even sell it through a fairly well-known hacker forum. Valued at around N800 naira per data, the perpetrator of the LinkedIn data theft also intends to sell 500 million of this data at a sizable price in the form of Bitcoin currency.

Based on information from Cybernews, the leaked data consists of full name, email, telephone number, workplace, and other things. Of course, this is quite dangerous because people can use it to commit crimes.

For now, Cybernews has not found any sensitive data such as credit cards or leaked documents. However, that does not mean that this leakage incident is completely harmless.

LinkedIn still has not provided a response regarding this hack. Hopefully, our LinkedIn data is not being misused by people.
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