The Double Decker Bus is Goin’ Electric and Cruisin’ in U.S.

In the United State when it comes to buses, you’ll find two rare varieties in the U.S. Electric buses and double-decker buses. Now bus-manufacturing company NFI wants to tackle both. At the same time. In a single bus. That’s right, a double-decker EV bus is coming to the U.S.

Considering the number of low overpasses in the U.S., it’s likely that you won’t find the NFI-made bus roaming just any streets of the United States. Still, some places support them, and not just the “see the star!” tourist buses. And if NFI follows through with all the promises made through one of its subsidiaries, Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL), it should be quite a sight to behold. NFI

The Enviro500EV CHARGE (what a name) promises to transport up to 82 passengers, including 53 on the upper deck. The bus will have panoramic views, reclined seating, overhead reading lights and air vents, low-floor entry, USB ports, and Wi-Fi and multimedia capability. Naturally, a large bus calls for an equally large battery, and at 648 kWh, the Enviro500EV CHARGE doesn’t disappoint.

“The Alexander Dennis Enviro family is the world’s best-selling double deck bus of which over 18,000 have been sold around the globe,” Paul Davies, ADL President and Managing Director, said. “Today we add a milestone as we unveil our first ever battery electric, three-axle, high-capacity double deck bus. We are very excited by the positive feedback already received from transit agencies who have trialed this vehicle and look forward to delivering zero-emission service with our double decks across North America.”

The Enviro500 EV CHARGE is Buy America-compliant, and Altoona testing is scheduled to start later this year.
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