Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 has been Officially Released

Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) Battle Pass Season 5 ‘In Deep Water’ has been officially released with various free weapons, free items, new features, and new characters.

In a written statement, game developer and publisher Garena mentioned that the new theme ‘In Deep Water’ brings players into an epic concept with a new atmosphere of underwater battles.

“Call of Duty Mobile is constantly improving technical optimizations for the best gaming experience,” said Garena.

“This latest update includes several game optimizations such as motion graphics optimization and a major update for weapon balancing to increase the use of various weapons on the battlefield. Other optimizations are also carried out such as the elimination of visual bugs in some maps and game modes,” they continued.

Players can experience new multiplayer modes, including new modes, i.e ‘Ground Mission’, updated maps, i.e ‘Suldal Harbor’, ‘Docks’ and ‘Aniyah Incursion’.

Not only in the updated multiplayer mode, but a new Battle Royale Class has also been added with more free items, including new weapons, including the CR-56 AMAX and four other fan favourite weapons BK57, DR-H, QXR, and PP19 Bizon.

The new CR-56 AMAX is easy to control and can get enemies to work quickly through headshots. With this weapon, players can change various types of stock to choose near or far damage distances.

The CR-56 AMAX also has a semi-automatic magazine attachment that turns it into a sniper rifle to take down enemies. These weapons are available for free.

In addition, players can also get the new operator skill ‘K9 Unit’, a military dog ​​to track enemies by smelling and attacking them automatically. CODM Season 5 also brings new characters Merrick Otter and Rorke.
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