How to Configure and Use Latest MTN Daily 500MB E-learning Cheat Config File for HA Tunnel Plus

In this post, I will be showing you How to Configure and Use Latest MTN Daily 500MB E-learning Cheat Config File for HA Tunnel Plus free browsing cheat, you will enjoy free daily 500MB data powered by MTN E-learning website. The data is originally meant to be used only on the educational website but you can bypass that restriction and power every other apps in your phone using HA Tunnel Plus VPN.

Included in this post are MTN 500MB E-learning HAT config file, HA tunnel VPN app and how to activate this MTN elearning cheat to power all apps.


This is a daily 500MB given to primary, secondary and tertiary students using MTN network to access some government E-learning or educational websites. Guess what, you too can enjoy this offer whether you are in school or not. And you can in fact, power all apps with the free data. Just keep reading to see how it’s done.

Recall that last month we enjoyed a plethora of free browsing cheats including Airtel unlimited cheat, 9Mobile unlimited cheat and Airtel 500MB cheat.

When this cheats were blocked by network operators, we discovered another one which is Airtel 50MB cheat. Although very small, but still better than non.

Now we have another working MTN 500mb cheat that can be accumulated and can also power all app with the help of a VPN.


For this 500MB e-learning data Just make sure you have a little bit data like 2mb, then import the eLearning 500mb file for HA TUNNEL (you will find the config file as you scroll down)

Things You Need For  How to Configure and Use Latest MTN Daily 500MB E-learning Cheat Config File for HA Tunnel Plus

  1. Android device
  2. Registered MTN SIM
  3. 3G or 4G network
  4. Latest HA Tunnel Plus (install now)
  5. MTN 500MB HAT config file (download here). Enter 1111 as file password.

How to Configure and Use Latest MTN Daily 500MB E-learning Cheat Config File for HA Tunnel Plus

Launch HA Tunnel VPN app
Click the 3-dotted lines at the top right corner
Click import/export
Click import
Now select the “MTN 500MB config file” to import
Finally, click on “START’ to connect the VPN
Once it’s connected, just minimize it and open any app or browser on your phone and enjoy free internet access using the free allocated E-learning MB from MTN.
MTN will immediately inform you that you have being given 500mb immediately the VPN connects.

How to Exceed MTN Daily 500MB E-learning Cheat

So for the accumulation of data after using up the initial 500mb for the day, you just have to change your phone date, either backwards or forward, reboot your phone and connect back. It will connect and 500MB will be given to you again the same day after using up the first MB.


If the first method didn’t work for you, then apply the second method outlined below and you should be able to enjoy the free browsing.

  1. With your MTN SIM inside your Android phone, visit and register an account. Or by using MyMTN app and clicking on “play”, then “learning academy”.
  2. Browse through the website until you get a pop up message telling you that you have been credited with 500mb.
  3. Next, go to your phone settings and search for APN settings
  4. Click on the access point name which can also be found on the mobile network/data connectivity area.
  5. Click on + icon to add a new access point name
  6. Add these details below
  7. Name: RaphBlog
  8. Access Point Name:
  9. Proxy:
  10. Port: 8080
  11. Now save the new APN by clicking the 3-dotted lines at the right corner.
  12. Finally, follow the instructions above on how to import config file on HA Tunnel Plus VPN to import the config and enjoy.

How to Check MTN Daily 500MB E-learning Cheat Data

  • To check your MTN awoof 500mb E-learning data balance dial *131*4#.
Let us know your experience using this cheat on the comment box.

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