Microsoft Announces Windows 365, Can Be Accessed Anywhere and Anytime

In this era, cloud services are the choice of many people to do various things. Currently, cloud services that are quite well known and widely used are Office 365, Microsoft Azure, and Google Stadia.

Talking about cloud services, Microsoft has just announced the presence of its new cloud service called Windows 365.

Windows 365 cloud service

As the name suggests, Windows 365 provides Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating system services that can be accessed easily through a browser on any device.

Just enter a special link, then users can run Windows connected to Microsoft’s servers. This certainly makes it easier for people who often change devices but are lazy to move their data to other devices.

Based on the trailer uploaded by Microsoft, this Windows 365 service will present several packages for certain specifications such as a 4-core CPU with 16GB of RAM and 256GB of storage or maybe even higher.

Microsoft currently presents Windows 365 as a service focused on enterprise users. Unfortunately, there is no information on the availability and also the subscription price for the cloud service.
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