Google Chrome 94 is Now Released; Here’s Why You Should Update Right Away

The Chrome 94 stable update is now available for all prominent platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS, according to Google. Along with new features, Chrome 94 emphasizes privacy and offers a number of new security features. Google also claims to have repaired bugs and improved the security of its Chrome browser by addressing 19 security problems.

As the stable release of Chrome 94 is now available, users are strongly advised to upgrade their Chrome browser in order to remain secure. HTTPS-First mode is one of the most significant improvements in Chrome 94. When visitors open a website that is based on HTTP rather than the more secure HTTPS, Google will warn them by displaying a full-page notice.

On the desktop, Google claims to have solved 32 issues, including the ability to host desktop webpages on Android tablets. You can now copy links or obtain QR codes to share with other websites through a new sharing center. To use this feature, you must sign in with your Google account on Chrome. The Chrome 94 browser now supports .mobileconfig file on iPhones.

Chrome 94 also includes new web standards targeted at improving the user’s browser-based gaming experience. WebCodecs are supposed to make cloud gaming easier and faster, while WebGPU is claimed to make it easier for games that run in the browser to make use of the computer’s processing capacity.

WebCodecs is an API that will allow developers to access browser-based video encoding and decoding codecs. This WebCodecs is designed to make it simpler to bring incoming video streams onto the screen as safely as possible using hardware decoding.
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