11-Year-Old Child in Vietnam Dies After His Smartphone Explodes While Studying

Using a smartphone while it is charging is amongst the careless things people do while using their phone and it is not recommended. The reason is that this can make the battery temperature hot and potentially explode like what happened in Vietnam.

Quoted from VN Express, recently there was a tragedy where an 11-year-old child in Nghệ An Province, Vietnam died while studying online at home using a smartphone.

At that time the smartphone that was being used by the child was being charged. Suddenly the smartphone used by the child exploded and caused the child to suffer serious burns.

The family and neighbors took the child to the hospital for help, but the child’s life could not be saved.

In the region where the child lives, face-to-face learning has just been implemented. But because it is limited, there are still some learning sessions that must be done online.

The Nam Dan District Education Department explained in more detail the incident where it turned out that the child was using earphones when his smartphone was charging. It is possible that the electricity from the smartphone spread to the child’s body through the earphones.

Meanwhile, the exact reason why the smartphone exploded is currently unknown. But looking at previous cases of phone explosion, most of what makes a smartphone explode is due to the use of fake chargers or the temperature of the smartphone is too hot and is still being used.
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