2021 Best PPSSPP Wrestling Games (WWE PSP) For Android

PPSSPP is arguably the best PSP Emulator For Android and it’s one of the most used apps for playing PSP games on Android. While there are different categories of games you can play on this emulator, there are some games that are just legendary and most of them fall under Wrestling.

Wrestling games are one of the best PPSSPP games you can play on your Android device because of the graphics, commentary, controls and also epic scenes in the game, while the production of PSP games has stopped a long time ago, people still find ways to mod games into the latest and examples are PPSSPP Wrestling Games.

If you love playing wrestling games on PPPSSPP and you want to know which ones are the best to play, I’ve listed the best PPSSPP Wrestling Games for Android, you can easily download them online and play on your Android device.

List of All the Best PPSSPP Wrestling Games for Android

1. WWE 2K22 ISO

WWE 2K22 by March 2022 will be the latest editing of WWE wrestling games, but that is for gaming consoles and PC users, if you’re a PPSSPP player you can download this game on your Android device and begin to play. The WWE 2K22 features a whole lot of improvements and also comes with different features and over 3000 animated characters are also going to be available in the game. There will be a new set of superstars in the WWE hall of fame.

WWE 2K22 ISO for PPSSPP users comes with good graphics, nice audio quality and it has been optimized to run smoothly on any Android device. New wrestlers have been added and new game modes are included as well. This game is a modified version of WWE 2K21 and it’s one of the best PPSSPP Wrestling games to download.


WWE 2K21 is one of many WW games out there and when this game was released last year, it got everyone’s attention because it had a lot of new features and that made it an addictive game. This game was quite similar to WWE 2K15 in terms of features and one of the features where the two-story modes that can be played either using Hulk Hogan or Undertaker and in this story mode you will fight your way to the top and end a remarkable career with just one last battle between (Hulk Hogan vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin and Undertaker vs. Sting, respectively).

WWE 2K21 is one of the best PPSSPP Wrestling games on Android, it’s graphics is very unique and the controls are in the right corresponding arrangements, it doesn’t lag and it has all the best WWE superstars in it.

3. WWE 2K20

WWE 2K20 is another wrestling game and one of the best from the WWE series, and it tells the story of Red and Tre who are best friends and are about to fulfil their dreams together in WWE. While you can play the story mode of Red and Tre, you can also play some exciting game modes on WWE 2K20, game modes like Tag-Team, Tripple Threat and Fatal-four Way. The download link for this game is placed below.
4. WWE 2K19

WWE 2K19 features a lot of improvements on match scenes and it’s relatively one of the best WWE games with many game modes. This game is one of the best PPSSPP wrestling games and you can check some of the game modes you’ll find on WWE 2K19. Game modes like MyCareer, 2K Towers, Universe Mode and many more are present on WWE 2K19.
5. WWE 2K18

WWE 2K18 evolves around the story of John Cena and the 15yrs journey he has taken in the WWE industry and you can create a career mode with John Cena being your main character, you can select any other superstar of your choice. WWE 2K18 has a lot of game modes and its graphic looks perfect on PSP.
6. WWE 2K17

WWE 2K17 also has a career mode where you can build your own superstar and guide him through a career on WWE. You can as well play different game modes like One on One, Two on Two, Handicap, 6-man Tournament and so on. This game has cool graphics and its controls are very easy, it’s one of the best PPSSPP wrestling games you can download and play on Android.
7. WWE 2K16

WWE 2K16 is another exciting wrestling game, and while it doesn’t seem to have many game modes like most of the aforementioned WWE 2K games, this game still has cool game modes like the Royal Rumble, One on One, Two against Two, Tripple Threat and so on. The graphic is well optimized and the game commentary sounds perfect.

8. WWE 2K15

WWE 2K15 is an iconic wrestling game on PSP and it stands to be one of the best PPSSPP Wrestling Games, this game features a full story mode called 2K Showcase and also another mode called Career Mode and they’re both separated into two episodes and the game features 10 playable superstars, live multiplayer, full entrance before matches and three match types.

This version of WWE is packed with a lot of features, and some of its features are WCW Character Pack, NXT Arrival Character Pack, New Moves Pack, Accelerator and so much more. It’s a very addictive wrestling game on PPSSPP and it has cool graphics, nice audio commentary and its controls are very adaptive, it’s one of the best PPSSPP Wrestling Games for Android users.

9. UFC Undisputed 2010

UFC Undisputed features martial art wrestling gameplay and it’s one of the best you can play on PSP because of the game modes and graphics in the game. It features new game modes, new fighters and also new moves. This game is one of the best wrestling games you can play on your Android device while using the PPSSPP emulator, the download link is below.
10. WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2011

You’re looking at one of the best WWE games in the history of WWE wrestling and it was a game that was made available on almost all platforms and this game is quite addictive because its graphics is one of the best from old WWE games and it also has a lot of features and you’ll find some legendary wrestlers present in this game. It also has different game modes like WWE Universe Mode where you’ll have access to over 70 superstars.

Some of the features on WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2011 is backstage roaming, mini-quests and being able to interact with other superstars. You’re looking at a game with enhanced gameplay experience, match improvements and many more. WWE SVR 2011 is one of the best PPSSPP Wrestling Games out there.
11. TNA Impact: Cross The Line

TNA Impact: Cross The Line was announced in 2010 and it was regarded as one of the best wrestling games on PSP, while it is nowhere near WWE wrestling games, it still features some of the best wrestlers and the game has legendary figures like Hulk Hogan and many more. You can create your own wrestler, there are over 5 different game modes in the game and its graphics are very smooth, easy gameplay experience and many more

TNA Impact: Cross The Line is the second-ever TNA wrestling game on PSP and it is a nice wrestling game. The controls are easy, it has good commentary and it has many superstars in it. TNA Impact: Cross The Line is one of the best PPSSPP Wrestling Games for Android users.

How to Install PPSSPP Wrestling Games for Android

If you’re new to the PPSSPP game, you can read this article on how to download and install PPSSPP games. However, follow the steps below to set up wrestling PPSSPP game ISO on PSP Emulator for Android, make sure you follow all of my steps carefully without skipping a line:
  1. Download and install Zarchiver Pro Apk.
  2. Install the PPSSPP Gold emulator from the link, open it and exit to automatically create a PSP folder in the file manager, then find the location where you downloaded the probable downloads folder of the game ISO.
  3. Move the football game ISO file to your SDCard, SDCard » PSP » GAME for easy access.
  4. The next step is to extract your desired PPSSPP wrestling game Save Data to your SD card (do not extract it to any folder).
  5. We’re almost done. Now open the PPSSPP Gold Emulator app and locate the game (SD card > PSP > Game).
  6. Tap the newly installed game icon to start playing PPSSPP games on your android
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