7 Quick Ways on How To Know A Fake iPhone in Nigeria

Apple’s iPhone is one of the most used smartphones in Nigeria, its enormous rise in the Nigerian phone market has given the opportunity for clones and fake versions of iPhone to use as well, and these days people get duped when buying a new iPhone.

Some iPhone’s will be offered for sale at a bizarre price and even if you doubt it wouldn’t be original, clone makers have stepped up their game and this day’s a newbie can easily fall into buying a fake iPhone.

If you’re reading this article, you’ll be getting insights on how to easily detect a fake iPhone in Nigeria. They’re always easy to know and you’ll find them around in the Computer Village at Ikeja or any phone market around you.

How To Know A Fake iPhone in Nigeria

The tips I’ll be listing here are vital and can play a key role in making sure you don’t lose your money to people who sell fake iPhones claiming to be original ones. So pay attention to these tips if you want to know a fake iPhone in Nigeria.

1. They’re Always Cheap

Anytime you hear cases of people buying fake iPhones, the amount they bought will sometimes give you a clue this person fell a victim because the price placed on the phone is too sweet to resist. While cheap prices aren’t always a factor to determine why someone bought a fake iPhone, it’s always one of the reasons most times.

Cloned iPhones does always come at a cheap price, so anytime you see anyone luring you to buy an iPhone that isn’t faulty for a strange amount, I’ll advise you to stay clear of it. Cheap price is one of the ways to know a fake iPhone in Nigeria and always try to confirm prices before buying.

2. Watch Out For Strange Apps (Home Screen)

I could remember the first time I had an encounter with someone using a clone iPhone 4s, at first I was wowed because it looked so real from the outside, the body and camera is just perfect until I unlocked the phone and decided to check out some of the apps he had already installed on his iPhone. I found something strange in the apps formation and I was wondering when it all started.

I saw strange apps like File Manager and the Bluetooth icon amongst the apps on the home screen, it was at that moment I knew this was never an original iPhone. In most cases, it’s very important you watch out for apps like File Manager and also check the browser (Safari).

3. Check The iOS Version

Another way to know a fake iPhone in Nigeria is via its OS version, most times these cloned iPhones always run on Android OS but you’ll never know because it has been modified to look just like the normal iPhone launcher and it’s only when you open some apps or go to settings that’s when you’ll notice strange things about it.

4. Observe The Lock Feature

When you lock an original iPhone, you’ll observe the original iPhone has an animated slide to unlock icon that constantly dims and brighten up until you unlock the phone, but on a cloned or fake iPhone, you’ll never see this happen and even if you do find it, you must keep note of the other tips that are being stated this article.

5. Check The SIM Slot

These days all phone sim cards are always slotted either to the top left side or right side of the phone via a sim try that can be punched out by using a sim try injector, when you’re buying an iPhone, most times all iPhones are always using single SIM card, but if you ever find the out the iPhone you’re buying is a dual sim device, you need to return it back immediately.

6. iPhone Doesn’t Use SD Card

Do not be fooled, iPhones or any apple device you’ll ever come across don’t use an SD Card, most cloned or fake iPhones always use an SD Card, most times they’ll show 64GB but when you eventually bring out the SD Card, you’ll realize it’s just an 8GB SD Card that is being slotted in it.

Real iPhones work on built-in storage, regardless of the iPhone version or model, you’ll never see an original iPhone using an SD Card, you can also detect this by looking around the phone to see if the back cover is removable, it’s one of the quick methods to know a fake iPhone in Nigeria.

7. Check Warranty & Network Status

Even if you make your research using the above tips and you can’t detect anything that proves the iPhone you’re buying is fake, this last one is very important and it’ll definitely show you proof that’ll clarify if this iPhone is a real or a cloned one. To do this you’ll need to check the coverage on Apple via this link.

You’ll insert the device serial number, if it’s an original one it will show the details on the apple coverage network, and if it doesn’t then there’s a certainty that the iPhone you’re buying is a fake one.
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