BloodyStealer Malware Targets and Steals Online Game Accounts

Netizens were shocked by the Trojan Malware dubbed BloodyStealer being sold on dark forums and used to steal game player accounts on various platforms.

“Despite the fact that cybercriminals have various options available if they want to buy or rent a stealer and use it afterwards in their attack chain, BloodyStealer has definitely attracted some attention among users on one of the underground forums,” said a security researcher at the Research Team. and Kaspersky Global Analysis, Dmitry Galov, in a press statement, quoted from ANTARA Sunday (3/10).

BloodyStealer is a Trojan-stealer that can collect and extract various types of data. This malware targets game accounts on platforms such as Steam, Epic Games Store and EA Origin.

BloodyStealer can even collect cookies, passwords, forms, banking cards, screenshots and login memories. The malware is sold on dark forums from $10 for a one-month subscription to $40 for a lifetime subscription.

Researchers at Kaspersky found that this malware can evade detection and analysis of malware in general. BloodyStealer is found among others in Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific.

Data stolen using BloodyStealer is then sold on the black market for online game access. In addition to stolen information, victims can also lose credit to access game accounts.

Kaspersky reminds gamers to be aware of the links provided via the in-game chat feature and not to download pirated content or software.
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