Qualcomm Announces 4 New Snapdragon Chipsets for Mid-Range and Entry-Level!

Qualcomm announced the presence of four new Snapdragon chipsets from the mid-range and entry-level categories. Three of these four chipsets come with a focus on providing 5G support while one is still present with 4G support.

Snapdragon 778G +

The first we will discuss is the Snapdragon 778G + which is present as a new version of the Snapdragon 778G which now comes with 6nm fabrication and also presents a faster clock speed.

Snapdragon 778G+ equipped with Kryo 670 Prime core now has a speed of 2.5GHz where the Adreno 652L GPU also gets a performance increase of up to 20%. There is also a 5G X53 modem that is presented on the chipset.

Snapdragon 695

Switching to Snapdragon 695, this chipset is the successor to Snapdragon 690 which is claimed to deliver a 15% faster CPU and 30% faster GPU. This is due to the use of the Kryo 660 and Adreno 619 CPU cores. This chipset also has a 6nm fabrication.

Snapdragon 680

Then there is the Snapdragon 680 which apparently still comes with 4G support. Certainly, this chipset is present for the mid-range category that focuses on performance rather than 5G network support

The chipset uses Kryo 265 as the CPU and also Adreno 610 in the GPU. Both come with 6nm fabrication, this chipset supports the use of 3 Spectra 346 ISPs for better photography support.

Snapdragon 480+

Finally, there is the Snapdragon 480+ which is the first chipset in the 400 series that supports 5G. This chipset still comes with 8nm fabrication and uses the Kryo 460 and Adreno 619 CPU cores. There is no information regarding the performance of this chipset, it is clear that this chipset supports the use of 1080p + screens and the refresh rate reaches 120Hz.
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