Xiaomi Introduces Loop LiquidCool Technology, Keeps Smartphone Temperature Cool

With the increasingly high performance of the chipset in smartphones, a new cooling system is needed that can maintain the temperature of the smartphone so it doesn’t heat up quickly when used for various purposes. Issues like this are what enables Xiaomi to continue to innovate as they have recently announced a new cooling technology called Loop LiquidCool.

Loop LiquidCool is a cooling technology based on vapour chambers (heat pipes) which has a looping concept.

The heat generated from the components in the smartphone will be channelled into the heat pipe which will undergo a circulation process. However, to make the hot temperature cool, Xiaomi also presents a Tesla valve micro-structure that allows the hot temperature to be ‘filtered’.

The Tesla valve is identified as one of the ‘pipe’ concepts commonly used in weapon silencers, normally, the heat generated from the weapon is silenced and not channelled just like that.

Xiaomi has tested its new cooling technology on the Mix 4 smartphone by replacing the old cooling system with the Loop LiquidCool cooling system, this gaming test shows that the overall temperature was reduced up to 5°C.

The plan is that this technology will be implemented by Xiaomi in its new smartphone which will be launched in the second half of 2022. We will be patiently waiting for the utilisation of this new technology in Xiaomi’s latest smartphone!
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