Download Shazam and Get Apple Music for Free (Even If You’re Subscribed!)

Finally, a reason to download Shazam! Apple is offering two months of Apple Music to all Shazam users, even if they’re already paying for an Apple Music subscription. And yes, new subscribers can combine this promotion with Apple Music’s three-month free trial for five months of free streaming.

To redeem this offer, visit on your phone or click the Apple Music banner in the Shazam app (the iOS app, that is). Shazam will prompt you to share your Apple ID before applying this Apple Music promotion to your account.

One thing to note some existing Apple Music subscribers cannot redeem this deal. If you’ve scored similar promotions through Shazam in the past, you may be out of luck.

Apple says this promotion is valid until January 31st, 2022. If you don’t want to pay for Apple Music after your months-long trial ends, be sure to cancel your subscription on time.
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