You Definitely Can’t Afford These One-of-a-Kind Meteorite Sneakers

While you won’t be the first person ever to step on the moon, you can be among the first to step on a meteorite. Or rather, in a meteorite. You read that right—there’s now a limited-edition sneaker that contains pieces of actual meteorite fragments. And the cost? A mere $13,200.

The space-themed sneakers celebrate the release of Netflix’s new movie Don’t Look Up, which is directed by Adam McKay and starring Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio. In the film, two astronomers head out on a global tour to tell everyone that the planet is set for destruction from an incoming comet.

Taking some unnecessarily morbid inspiration from the movie, the unique New Balance 550 sneakers feature several tiny bits of meteorite and are being auctioned at Sotheby’s. Matt Burgess of MattB Customs designed the shoes. To perfect the look, Burgess hand-placed each sliver of the meteorite and placed them in the accent panels on each side of the shoes.

The fragments are sourced from a 4.5-billion-year-old pallasite meteorite found in Russia in the 1960s. Pallasite is a type of stony-iron-nickel meteorite, and it contains small olivine crystals of peridot quality.

There is only one pair of the sneaker available (of course), and only in a “US size 10.” The auction will be hosted on Sotheby’s and start on December 17; partial proceeds will benefit the World Wildlife Fund. And if you’re interested in checking out Don’t Look Up, it’s out now in theaters and will hit Netflix on December 24.
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