A Chance to Win $100,000 If You Can Hack ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN has long been a fantastic choice for VPN users and the company is so confident in its security measures that it’s launching a $100,000 bug bounty program. If you can find a way to hack ExpressVPN, you can receive a huge sum of cash.

In a blog post, ExpressVPN explained the specifics of its massive bug bounty. It only applies to a certain part of the company’s technology. “The first person to find and demonstrate a security-critical bug on our VPN server technology, TrustedServer, will receive a new bonus award of US$100,000,” reads the post.

That means that any general bug you find in ExpressVPN won’t net you the big money (though the firm does have a traditional bug bounty program). However, if you can figure out a way to crack its TrustedServer tech, you can take home a cool $100k.

ExpressVPN has sat atop the throne as our favorite VPN for a long time, and it shows no signs of giving up its spot. The company being willing to put up such a large sum of money shows that it’s extremely confident in its VPN offerings. That means that people who use it to protect themselves while browsing online can also be confident in their security and privacy.
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