Lexus Teases Its Electric SUV in Sleek New Photos

Remember when Toyota and Lexus showed off nearly 30 concept electric vehicles late last year? Well, we haven’t seen or heard much since then, but now Lexus is ready to share more details as it just released new images for the Lexus Electrified SUV.

We don’t know too much about what it’s currently calling the Lexus Electrified SUV. However, it appears bigger than the RZ 450e crossover, shares many stunning design elements, and will likely arrive above it in the brand’s lineup.

As you can see, the electric SUV has a premium design with LED headlights, a unique front grille, and an aggressive look. In addition, you’ll notice pop-out door handles to keep everything sleek, smooth lines, a rear spoiler, and a full-width LED light bar for the taillights. Here are all the photos available so far.

Lexus’ first EV will arrive sometime in 2022, and that’s the RZ 450e. The model borrows many elements and undersides as the Toyota bZ4x and Subaru Solterra platform. It looks like this bigger model could do something similar, although Lexus hasn’t revealed much or mentioned what EVs, if any others, will use those same underpinnings.

This new Lexus Electrified SUV is undoubtedly a stunning and attractive vehicle, but we’re assuming some of this will change when it goes from concept to street vehicle. That could include the camera-mounted side mirrors, lack of standard door handles, and potentially other things.

Still, we don’t know much about this vehicle. Lexus won’t reveal its range, pricing, and features anytime soon, as this is only a teaser for now. However, given these photos, there’s a good chance this is the next electric vehicle on the way from Lexus, so we’ll keep an ear down for more details.
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