How to Subscribe and Get MTN Campus Zone Offer

Not every subscriber care about the package they belong, but some still do at least if you care more about making calls; but have you tried MTN Campus Zone?

MTN Campus Zone Offer is a location-based service that allows customers within the campus area of specific higher institutions to enjoy free 100MB, 150MB, or 200MB bonus data on every usage of the same data volume respectively from their paid data bundles within the campus locations.

Who is Eligible for This Offer?

All MTN customers who use the stipulated data volume i.e. 100MB, 150MB, or 200MB from the active bundles on their lines within the campus locations are eligible to enjoy the Campus Zone offer.

You will receive a welcome message on your phone once you enter the eligible campus location asking you to for example “Use 100MB to get free 100MB data on your line”. To access the offer, simply use up to the required 100MB data from your Access and XtraValue bundles within the campus location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to use my Campus Zone bonus data outside of the campus location?

Yes. You will be able to use your campus zone bonus data when you are outside of the campus location, but you will no longer receive the bonus data for any other data you use outside the location until you return back to the campus location.

Will I be able to enjoy the Campus Zone offer with other bonus offers in the campus location?

No. If for example you are enjoying Device/Kpalasa bonus offer on your line and you activate a data bundle, you will get the applicable bonus data for your device offer but you will NOT get the Campus Zone bonus data whenever you use up to 100MB, 150MB or 200MB data as your device bonus data will take priority over your main data.

Can I check my daily data usage in the campus zone?

Yes. You will be able to check your data usage by sending ‘DU’ to 131 via SMS.

How can I check my Campus Zone bonus data balance?

You will be able to check your campus zone bonus data via USSD by dialing *131*4#, *556#, SMS by sending 2 to 131.
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