How To Work In Canada As A Cook

Work in Canada as a cook is an information sought by most culinary expert. Do you want to work as a cook in Canada but don’t know where to begin your Canadian immigration process? This article will assist you. If you want to learn how to come to Canada as a cook, here are the most crucial steps to take.

Are Cooks Needed In Canada?

Yes, Canada has gradually increased the amount of available employment for competent chefs over the years. Because of Canada’s cosmopolitan character, there is a wide variety of cuisines to choose from, including Middle Eastern, Mexican, Peruvian, Indian, Chinese, Filipino, and many more.

How Much Can a Cook Earn in Canada?

With only a few years of experience, an entry-level cook may earn a solid $28,000 per year. You can make $31,000 per year if you have five years or more of experience.

Highest Paying Cities For Cooks

Here are a handful of the cities where you may make the highest money in your field.

Cooks in Calgary and Edmonton are paid 15% higher than the national average of $29,664 per year, which means you may easily earn $34,113 per year!

Working in Regina pays you at least 10% more than the national average of $32,624 per year, while working in Toronto pays you a comfortable $32,032 per year!

Do you have no idea where to begin your job search? A helpful guide on how to apply for a jobs in Canada may be found here.

NOC Code For Cooks

The following jobs are classified as NOC 6322:
  1. Cook
  2. Dietary cook
  3. First cook
  4. Apprentice cook
  5. Hospital cook
  6. Journeyperson cook
  7. Line cook
  8. Grill cook
  9. Short order cook
  10. Institutional cook
  11. Licensed cook
  12. Second cook

Visa Programs For Cooks

In reality, given Canada has over 70 distinct immigration streams, programs, and categories to apply for, there is a lot more to consider when applying for a visa.

If you wish to work as a cook in Canada, you should look into the Federal Skilled Trades Program.

Federal Skilled Trades Program

You may immigrate in just three months using this scheme. However, there are several conditions that must be met. To begin, you must:
  1. Have a minimum of two years of paid cooking experience;
  2. Score a minimum of a 5 in speaking and listening, and a 4 in writing and reading on the Canadian Language Benchmark;
  3. Have a legitimate work offer for at least one year from a Canadian business;
  4. You must present an ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) if you have completed high school.
  5. Have received an Invitation to Apply after scoring well enough on the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System);
  6. Posses no felony convictions on your record;
  7. Have enough money to live comfortably in Canada; and
  8. Be in good health, as evidenced by a medical examination

Express Entry British Columbia Skilled Worker Program

The Express Entry British Columbia Skilled Worker program is another way to apply to work in Canada as a cook. This program is for NOC level B occupations only. To use this program, applicants must have at least two years of legitimate work experience and be competent in their field.

You must also ensure that you satisfy all of the fundamental requirements for one of the federal immigration programs and that you have the finances to submit an application. If you apply as a single applicant and want to immigrate to a province other than Alberta, you must have at least CAD$23,659 in your account.

Immigrating With Your Partner (Spouse) As A Cook

If you want to immigrate with your spouse, you’ll need at least CAD$29,087 to demonstrate to the province that you’ll be able to support yourself in Canada. To confirm this, you will very certainly be requested to submit a bank statement during your application. Please keep in mind that overdrafts and loans do not qualify as adequate finances.

Work Experience Required As A Cook

To apply, you must have at least two years of relevant job experience. This means that job experience must be for a paid position, not as a volunteer or unpaid intern.

Also, be sure that any employment experience you have is within the last five years of your application, otherwise you may be disqualified.

Is a language test required to work as a cook in Canada?

Yes, passing an approved language exam may make or break your candidacy for a position as a chef. You can take one of two types of language examinations. You must apply for the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or the TEF (Test d’evaluation) if you speak English.

These examinations are designed to assess your abilities to communicate, listen, write, and read. For these tests, be sure you pick the General test option, as the Academic option will not be approved for immigration reasons.

For at least two years, your language test will be valid. If you don’t apply within the timeframe, you’ll have to reapply again during your Canadian immigration application.

How To Immigrate To Canada As A Chef

As a cook, you don’t have to bother about trade certification, which is optional in all Canadian provinces and territories. However, competent chefs can apply for the Red Seal Endorsement, which permits them to relocate and work in other regions across the country. If you pass the interprovincial Red Seal test, you will be eligible for this. Follow this link to apply for cook jobs in Canada.
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