January 2022 Security Patches for Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 9 Series

Redmi Note 9 series security patch for January 2022 has begun to be distributed by Xiaomi. These patches are being distributed in a number of countries, including Europe, Indonesia, Russia, and Turkey.

In addition to the regions, the series contains the Redmi Note 9/ 9 Pro/ 9s. Finally, this update aids in the correction of large and minor errors, as well as the enhancement of the smartphone’s system security.

The tech behemoth has enough of MIUI 13 in circulation for the greatest of its smartphones. Furthermore, the latest February 2022 security patch was applied to a number of Xiaomi smartphones in recent days. However, Redmi Note 9 customers will have to make do with the January 2022 security update, which will be available on MIUI 12.5 software.

The version of the Security Update

The Redmi Note 9 series is receiving an updated security patch with a particular update version in various regions. As a result, for a clear picture, below is a list of devices together with their version and package size.

Redmi Note 9 Pro – Europe – V12.5.7.0.RJZEUXM – 5.3GB
Redmi Note 9 Pro – Indonesia – V12.5.3.0.RJZIDXM – 4.5GB
Redmi Note 9S – Russia – V12.5.3.0.RJWRUXM – 4.6GB
Redmi Note 9 – Turkey – V12.5.3.0.RJOTRXM – 3.9GB

MIUI 12.5/Android 11

The Android 11 based MIUI 12.5 delivers a number of novel and consistent features. It not only improves the internal structure of a device, but it also improves the overall parts of the device. It also improves the device’s speed and changes the appearance of the home screen.

MIUI+, Super wallpapers, and new system applications increase the smartphone’s design. Tools such as the Sandbox system, Fuzzy placement, and Clipboard protection, on the other hand, improve privacy. To recap, other from the security patch, the MIUI 12.5 approach offers its own set of advantages.

How to Upgrade/Update Redmi Note 9 series

Follow the steps outlined below to upgrade the Redmi Note 9 series:
  1. Navigate to the Phone Menu
  2. Navigate to the Settings icon.
  3. Choose the About Phone option.
  4. Select System Updates.
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