Online Stores in Nigeria

No doubt that there have been a striking increase in online shopping and increasing the number of online shopping sites in Nigeria. Especially during the incession of the Covid 19 pandemic that most people were afraid of going out and interacting with people physically, online shopping has become the new deal. Most people now search for online stores and sites that they can buy items from at their comfort and get their parcels delivered to them in shortest time possible with no stress. 

But despite the need to shop online, there are still persons who are skeptical about shopping online for numerous reasons, some best known to them and some of the reasons are; long delivery time, security of money because of card payment, quality of goods, return policy and etc. In this post, I have compiled a list of Top Nigerian Stores and Sites where you can do your online shopping in this 2022.

List of Top Online Stores in Nigeria 2022

  1. Jumia Nigeria -
  2. Konga -
  3. SLOT -
  4. 3C Hub -
  5. Webmall NG -
  6. Kara -
  7. SuperMart -
  8. Kilimall -
  9. Jiji -

Online Stores in Nigeria


Its hard to find a Nigerian that have not heard of the online store or site called Jumia. you would have heard about Jumia is one of the first online stores to really capture the attention of Nigerians.

What makes Jumia really unique is that you can get almost anything you want from them, from cosmetics to electronics, groceries, clothing and accessories, the list is endless. Jumia also offers special discounts and promotions from time to time.


On the heels of Jumia came Konga. Konga started their business few months after Jumia and they have really worked hard to remain at the forefront of e-commerce in Nigeria.

What makes Konga really unique is that they have a number of independent retailers under them. They encourage individuals like you and I who may have one or two things to sell online to come and use their platform to sell it. This makes it easy for their customers to find just about anything they want in their store.


Slot is a Nigerian brand known for their specialization in computers, mobile phones and other related gadgets.

Slot has been selling offline for quite a while before they took a smart move to make their products available to their customers online as well. You can shop on their website by visiting


Parktel is another store leading the trend of online shopping in Nigeria.

On parktel online, you can buy just about any mobile phone, tablets and accessories you want. Parktel is based in Lagos but delivers to anywhere in Nigeria.


Kara specializes in selling electronics and home appliances. If you need to buy stuffs like generating sets, televisions, DVD’s, home lightning products, home and kitchen appliances or even automobiles, is the place to go.


This is an online shopping store with a difference. It’s not just your conventional online store, if you’re looking to buy items for dirt-cheap here in Nigeria, then you should visit Dealdey.


Another online store that deserves to be mentioned is On Kaymu, you can buy items like mobile phones, shoes, jewelry and watches and several other items like on a on request Custom Engraved Luggage Tag. Kaymu also adopts a business model that brings buyers and sellers together on one platform.

MYSTORE is another unique online store that specializes in sales of gift items. If you are confused about gifts to buy for your loved ones, a visit to mystore would leave your head bubbling with several ideas. Also, you can send your gifts directly to the recipient using their delivery services.


Actually, I’ve known Taafoo for a while even before Konga and Jumia. Tafoo was one of the first online retail stores in Nigeria but they specialize strictly on fashion items.


An online store with a difference; specializes in selling heavy duty items like inverters, stabilizers, batteries and other related items. However the one I like the most is Jazzy Joy online store, because you can buy a supply of the trendiest, most innovative gifts, gadgets, sporting accessories
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