Up to $8,000 Pulitzer Center Connected Coastlines Grants 2022 for U.S.-based Journalists

Applications are open for the Pulitzer Center Connected Coastlines Grants 2022. The Pulitzer Center is seeking applications from journalists who want to report stories as part of Connected Coastlines, a nationwide climate reporting initiative in U.S. coastal states.

Started in 2019, this initiative is building a consortium of newsrooms and independent journalists across the U.S. to report on the local effects of erratic weather patterns on coastal populations using the latest climate science.


They will consider projects of any scope and size, and the ideal range for the most awards will be between $2,000 – $8,000.


Open to all U.S.-based journalists with a plan to publish or broadcast their climate stories with a newsroom based in a U.S. coastal state or region.
They strongly encourage proposals from journalists and newsrooms who represent a broad array of social, racial, ethnic, underrepresented groups, and economic backgrounds.


To apply, you will be asked to provide the following:
  1. A description of the proposed project, including distribution/publication plan, no more than 250 words. They look more favorably on proposals that include a letter(s) of interest or support from publishers or editors.
  2. Methodology: Please describe your approach to reporting your story, specifically the methods you will use to collect and analyze climate science-related data, research, or activities that will be used in your reporting.
  3. A preliminary budget estimate, including a basic breakdown of costs. Include travel costs, costs for collaborating with independent contractors or freelance journalists. For example, you are a writer and you want to hire a camera person or a multimedia designer to collaborate with you on your reporting project. Do not include stipends for journalists/team members who are in the employ of newsrooms or are being paid by a publisher.
  4. Three examples (links) of climate-related published work by you (or someone on your project team.)
  5. Three professional references. These can be either contact information or letters of recommendation.
  6. A copy of your resume or curriculum vitae.
They will begin reviewing applications as soon as they are received and typically notify applicants within a month if they’re being considered for support. They will prioritize proposals that can be completed, including publication, in 1-4 months. If there is some urgency to the funding request, the applicant should state the reason in the application.
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