WWE 2K22 Cracked by Pirates After Its Launch

“WWE 2k” Everybody heard about this famous game series in their life at least one time by our friends or on social media. Might be some of you have played this game and some of you are huge Fans.

WWE 2k22 is the next installment of the massive game series “WWE 2K” which is published by 2K Sports. This is professional wrestling inspired by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

The game was released on Steam and easily cracked by a pirate group known as P2P Crackers. This crack was seemingly done using CODEX emu for breaking Steam DRM.
WWE 2K22 Cracked by P2P Group

WWE 2K22 was developed by Visual Concepts studio and published by 2K Sports. It is the 21st installment in the WWE game series and is quite popular in the gaming community. Pricing for WWE 2K22 starts at $59 and can cost as much as $119, depending on which version you get.

The subreddit known as r/CrackWatch, which tracks games that pirates have cracked, has also confirmed that the P2P group has cracked WWE 2K22. Several other pirate groups have also released their versions of WWE 2K22, with DLC and bonus content unlocked.

The game doesn’t affect after being cracked by pirates due to its popularity. They got more than 50,000 pre-registers in the first opening hour.

WWE 2K22 is officially available on Steam and other platforms. So, you can play the game on PC, and if you are Deluxe Version & DLC content, it will be available on WWE 2k22 official website.

Recently, games like Elden Ring were also cracked by other scene groups. These games were also released on Steam, only to be cracked on day one.
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