Fake Data Breach Notifications Sent by Hackers

A cryptocurrency hardware wallet, Trezor, was targeted by hackers. They sent out fake data breach notifications to the users through the company’s mailing list.
With the help of a mailing list, the hackers sent fake data breaches to steal cryptocurrency wallets and then keep currency within them.

Trezor wallet allows you to store your crypto assets offline instead of using cloud-based wallets or wallets stored on your PC,

Trezor Confirms Newsletter Phishing Attack

For those who are unaware, cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, bitcoin, etc., and NFTs are stored in crypto wallets. These wallets are available both offline (hardware) and Online. According to Cyber security experts, it is better to use hardware wallets as it is safe.

When a user sets up a new Trezor, a 12 to 24-word recovery seed (password) is given; it allows the owner to recover the wallet if the device is stolen or lost. However, anyone who knows this password can access your wallet and can check the stored cryptocurrencies.

The hackers sent a fake email to users and ask them to download a fake Trezor Suite software that helps them to steal the password (recovery seed).

The fake Trezor data breach email reads,

“We regret to inform you that Trezor has experienced a security incident involving data belonging to 106,856 of our customers and that the wallet associated with your e-mail address [email here] is within those affected by the breach.”

Once the user clicks on the download button, it installs fake software in the browser as suite.trezor.com. Punycode characters are used by the website that lets the attackers impersonate the trezor.com domain by using accented or Cyrillic characters. The legal Trezor website is trezor.io, the user must note this.

Trezor confirmed the breach on Twitter and said the emails were a phishing attack sent through the newsletters hosted at MailChimp.

Later the company said, MailChimp allegedly confirmed that their service was compromised by an insider targeting the cryptocurrency companies.

A warning was given by the company saying that until the situation is not resolved, it will not communicate by the newsletter. They asked not to open any emails that appear to come from Trezor till further notice.

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