What will Happen as Google Meet and Duo Are Merging

Google revealed last month that it was merging its two video chat services together, Google Meet and Google Duo. The process has finally started, but what exactly is happening?

What’s Happening?

Right now, Google has two services for video calls. Duo is a simplified app intended for direct video calls, mostly on mobile devices (though there is a web app). Meet is more like Zoom or video calls on Microsoft Teams, with links to join calls and a more complex feature set.

Google has been integrating Meet’s features and code into Google Duo over the past few months, and the merger officially kicks off today. The Duo application for iPhone, iPad, and Android has a new logo, which looks like a green version of the Meet logo, and you can join Meet calls from the Duo app. The app for Google Meet is now labelled as “Google Meet (original),” and will eventually go away, though there’s not a firm timeline for that yet.

That’s not going into the complex web of Google’s other messaging services, including Google Chat (which used to be Hangouts Meet), the old Hangouts app that is in the process of shutting down, and so on. This change only affects Duo and Meet.

In summary: the Google Duo app now works with both Duo and Meet calls, and the separate Meet app will be removed at some point.

What Should I Do Right Now?

If you use Google Meet or Duo, you don’t have to do anything right now. The Duo app will continue to work with Duo calls, and the old Meet app still works as it always has. However, if you switch to the current Duo app on iPhone, iPad, and Android, you won’t have to install anything new when Google decides to shut down the old Meet app.
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