Google Rolls Out Android 13 QPR1 Beta Update

Android 13 is now out of beta, and Google has just rolled out the first Android 13 QPR1 (Quarterly Platform Release) beta update to devices that can use it.

Let’s unpack that for a second. We’re talking about what Google calls the Android 13 Quarterly Platform Release (QPR)1 – this will be known as the December “feature drop” when it, well, drops, in December. And today the first beta of this Android 13 QPR1 is out for those who want to experience “new platform features, bug fixes, performance optimizations, and the September 2022 security patches”.

Here’s the official changelog for Android 13 QPR1 Beta 1:

Developer-reported issuesFixed an issue for some devices that mistakenly caused a user’s emergency contact to be dialed from the lock screen when the device was in their pocket. (Issue #233159557)

Other resolved issuesFixed various issues for Pixel 6a devices that made it difficult for users to unlock their device or to set up Fingerprint Unlock.

Fixed an issue that caused the system UI to crash in certain cases, such as gesturing from the edge of the screen to go back.

Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the 5G icon to be displayed instead of the 5G UW icon, even when the affected device was already successfully connected to a 5G UW network.

For now it’s unclear if there are any notable new user-facing features packed inside. But, if you have one of the Pixel devices that’s still supported (we’re talking Pixel 4a, 5, 5a, 6, 6 Pro, and 6a), you can head on over to the Android Beta Program page and enroll it in this beta. You’ll then receive the Android 13 QPR1 Beta 1 as a software update, within 24 hours.
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