10 Best DNS Servers for Gaming (Fastest DNS Servers)

You may know the importance of a gaming DNS server if you are a gamer. DNS servers play a crucial role in improving your online gaming experience.

If you don’t know what a DNS server is, it’s a database that consists of different domain names and IP Addresses.

When a user enters a domain in a web browser like techviral.net, youtube.com, etc., the DNS servers look at the IP addresses associated with the domains and then comment on the web server of the visiting page.

10 Best DNS Servers for Gaming

The entire process will be boosted by selecting the best DNS servers for gaming. If you often play online games, it’s best to use the best DNS server for gaming to reduce the ping and improve the gameplay. Let’s check out the best DNS servers for gaming.

1. Google Public DNS

Google DNS is one of the best and most popular public DNS servers you can use now. This one offers better speed and certain browsing enhancements than all other public DNS.

The public DNS server was launched in December 2009 and still serves users. If you set up Google Public DNS on your router or computer, you will have a great gaming experience.

The public DNS server greatly improves the internet speed and reduces the latency (Ping), which is the key thing in online gaming.

Other than that, Google Public DNS also defends your computer against various security threats and offers better speed than the default DNS assigned by your ISP. Here’s how to configure Google Public DNS on a PC.

Preferred DNS Server:
Alternate DNS Server:

2. OpenDNS

If you are searching for a public DNS server that provides you with web content filtering and other security features, then OpenDNS could be the best pick for you.

OpenDNS is also one of the oldest Public DNS servers for gaming which came into existence in 2005. However, it was acquired by Cisco in 2015.

While OpenDNS is never recommended for improving the gaming experience, it’s still one of the leading DNS servers for gaming. The good thing about OpenDNS is that it has 30+ fast DNS servers located on different continents. To use OpenDNS, you need to configure these addresses.

Preferred DNS Server:
Alternate DNS Server:

3. Cloudflare DNS

Cloudflare DNS is probably the best and one of the fastest public DNS servers available on the way. The DNS server focuses a lot on improving users’ privacy and can boost your internet speed by up to 28%.

Cloudflare launched its free DNS service recently; before that, Cloudflare used to be known as one of the biggest content delivery networks (CDM).

The free DNS server of Cloudflare,, is known to be the fastest DNS server on the internet regarding Latency (Ping). Due to its awesome features and reduced latency, it’s often considered the best gaming DNS server.

To set up Cloudflare DNS on your home router or computer, you must configure these DNS server addresses.

Preferred DNS Server:
Alternate DNS Server:

4. Quad9

Usually, the Quad9 DNS server is recommended for improving the network’s security. It has an advanced in-built filter that constantly monitors your network and blocks all malicious activities.

DNSCrypt Protocol support is another plus point of Quad9 which encrypts the connection between the client device and the DNS server to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks.

While Quad9 has yet to be known for its gaming features, it’s still better than the stock DNS server offered by your ISP. The server can improve internet speed and reduce the PING rate in online gaming. Use these server addresses to set up Quad9 on your PC.

Preferred DNS Server –
Alternate DNS Server –

5. OpenNIC DNS

OpenNIC DNS is another best gaming DNS server that claims to provide faster internet speed. This is a great DNS server if you often play browser-based games.

OpenNIC DNS lets you browse websites faster and plays online games smoothly. The DNS server can also improve your PC gaming experience since it reduces lag and latency.

Other features of OpenNIC DNS include access to uncensored content, easy set-up, and security against ISP DNS hijacking. Overall, OpenNIC DNS is a great public DNS server for gaming. To use this server, configure these DNS server addresses.

Preferred DNS Server –
Alternative DNS Server –

6. Dynamic DNS

Dynamic DNS, or DYN, is an underrated DNS server on the list, but it’s a good one for gaming and guarantees a fast-speed connection.

The ultimate goal of DYN or Dynamic DNS is to provide you super fast and secure web browsing experience.

Since it’s designed to provide you with better internet speed, you are bound to see the difference while playing online games. It also provides some protection from phishing attacks. Overall, Dynamic DNS is a great Public DNS server for gaming.

To use Dynamic DNS on your router or computer, you need to set up these server addresses:

Preferred DNS Server –
Alternate DNS Server –

7. AdGuard DNS

AdGuard DNS is slightly different from all other DNS servers listed in the article. It’s a DNS server designed to block web pages’ ads.

AdGuard DNS is often known for eliminating ads and blocking adult content on the internet. Since it blocks ads, it will speed up your internet.

So, if you are frustrated with the number of ads shown to you as you play games, you need to set up AdGuard DNS. It will remove all spam-filled ads and will improve your gaming experience.

To use AdGuard DNS, users must configure their network settings to use the IP addresses and

Preferred DNS Server –
Alternate DNS Server –

8. SafeDNS

SafeDNS is the only DNS server with free and premium plans. While both the free and premium versions provide an improved web browsing experience, the premium one has some added features.

The premium DNS server of SafeDNS can protect your PC from various hacking attacks. Also, it has some features to protect the privacy of a user.

Even though SafeDNS has yet to be known for its gaming feature, it still improves your internet speed and provides improved latency (PING).

Preferred DNS Server – 195.46. 39.39
Alternate DNS Server – 195.46. 39.40

9. Comodo Secure DNS

If you want a DNS server with the utmost security and privacy protection, look for Comodo Secure DNS.

Comodo Secure DNS is one of the best cloud-based servers on the list, known for its impressive security feature.

Once configured, Comodo Secure DNS can easily block phishing attacks and malicious websites from loading the scrips. The good thing about Comodo Secure DNS is that it has its Anycast DNS infrastructure hosted in more than 25 countries.

It’s one of the best DNS servers for improving internet speed. While gamers do not recommend it, still it’s best than the default DNS server assigned by your ISP.

Preferred DNS Server –
Alternate DNS Server –

10. DNS.watch

DNS.watch is a good choice for those who want a DNS server optimized for maximum speed. It’s a public DNS server for gaming optimized for maximum speed.

After setting up this DNS server, you won’t feel any delays when browsing the web. Besides that, the DNS server is also known for offering several security features.

DNS.watch can easily handle websites that try to run malicious scripts, eliminates phishing attacks, protects from malware, and more.

It’s perfect for a lag-free gaming experience with better frame rates and reduced latency.

Preferred DNS Server –
Alternate DNS Server –

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