Best GenVideos Alternatives to Stream Free Movies Online (2022)

There are now a lot of websites and platforms that offer movie and tv show streaming services. Some offer free access to their catalogue of movies and shows, whilst others require a subscription from users before allowing access to their collection of movies. Genvideos was a very popular movie streaming service before getting pulled down for hosting copyrighted content.

However, this service is still up and running, but they keep on changing its domain name as it keeps getting taken down after some time. Nowadays, if you’re an avid user of this platform, you’d find that it leads users to malicious sites by means of spammy ads. Therefore, If you’ve had enough of it, you may want to check out alternatives.

Seeing as Genvideos offered a free movie streaming service when it was properly active, we’d be looking at the best Genvideos alternatives in this article. These platforms are regarded as the best when it comes to free and premium movie streaming services online. If you fancy watching series, they’ve also got you covered. Let’s get started.

List of the Best Genvideos Alternatives to Stream Free Movies Online

Below, you’ll find a list of the best sites and platforms that would serve as an alternative to Genvideos. These websites offer movies, series, and tv show you can stream legally.

1. Netflix —

Netflix is undoubtedly one of the most popular movie streaming services worldwide. I would be surprised if anyone said they don’t know about this platform. But surely, there are still a lot of people that do not know about Netflix. It is basically the best when it comes to streaming movies and series online.

Nevertheless, you will not find a free plan on Netflix. This is a full-fledged premium streaming service, but it is also quite cheap. Netflix offers very interesting movies and tv series. There’s no new movie or tv show you won’t find there. For a better user experience, Netflix comes has an app listing their all collection. You should find a search button that would let you locate any movie faster.

If you’re in Nigeria, you may want to check out all subscription plans and prices of Netflix. They’ll help you decide whichever suit your needs better.

2. YouTube —

Although I won’t classify YouTube as one of the best Genvideos alternatives, it still had to be on this listicle. Why? Well, this is the most visited video website in the world. Yes, YouTube does offer a lot of video content made and uploaded by others. It may be tutorials, funny clips, game content, or a wider range of content.

It is almost impossible to find a full-length video for new movies and series on YouTube. Nevertheless, you’d get to see movies and series trailers and may also find a collection of full-length old videos. But this is only possible after an intensive search. YouTube has got a whole lot of other purposes and streaming full-length movies isn’t one of them.

3. CONtv —

If you like watching anime, then this website should be your go-to platform. CONtv is absolutely the best when it comes to animated videos. You’ll find all sorts of 3D cartoons and anime on this website. Yes, the primary objective of CONtv is to provide animated movies for all users. Moreover, there’s a dedicated category for a few Hollywood movies on this website.

CONtv is free to use, but unfortunately, it has a lot of ADS. But if you want to enjoy using this platform to watch your favourite anime and cartoon videos, then it is advisable to use an AD-Blocker extension on your browser. It is a perfect alternative to Genvideos if you did stream animated videos on it while it was still active.

4. Yidio —

Yidio is not a streaming service, but the platform helps you find new contents that may interest you to watch. It also gives you a list of websites and platforms where you’d find such content. So if you want to know what else you can watch after you’re done with a movie or series, you can visit this website to get that information.

Yidio also has a feature that lets you know which video content is available for download. These downloadable contents can be watched offline in your free time if you do not have the time to see them at that moment. Yidio is a very helpful platform. Using this site, you will know when new movies are out and on what platform to access them.

5. Vudu —

Vudu is a Digital Video Store based in America and owned by Fandango Media. This is a good video streaming platform although it is not too popular. Vudu offers both free and premium video content for all users. There is a section dedicated to videos that can be seen for free and a section for premium videos.

If you want to enjoy this platform better without ADS, then it’s advisable that you subscribe to its premium service. Nevertheless, you’d find only a few ADS in its free section. Definitely not enough to spoil your experience. Vudu can be regarded as one of the best Genvideos alternatives to stream movies online using either free or premium services.

6. Disney+ —

Disney+ is no doubt, one of the best and most popular movies and TV show streaming platforms online. This platform is mostly known for its collection of Marvel superhero movies, so if you’re a Marvel fanboy, this is a great option for you. You may find some free videos to watch on this platform, although the chances of seeing one are very low.

Disney+ have got various subscription plans for everyone. You can decide which is affordable for you and go with it. As a premium user, you have access to their massive catalogue of movies, series, and even tv channels to watch live sports and shows. Disney+ also allows all premium users the ability to download movies and tv shows to watch offline.
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