Best Mileage Tracker Apps for Android and iOS (2022)

Having any of the best mileage tracker apps on your Android or iOS device will definitely help you when it comes to getting accurate data for your driving and also if you want to minimize your tax deduction.

The pain of having your taxes wrongly deducted or being under-reimbursed after driving miles to make a delivery and meet up with customers’ orders or even the company’s package can be irritating and as a driver, finding the right application to help calculate accurately the cost to be charged out of your driving becomes necessary.

List of The Best Mileage Tracking Apps For Android and iOS

The list presented below shows and explains the best mileage tracker apps for Android and iOS devices based on their usability, popularity, features and accurate user reviews.

1. Everlance Mileage

With a 4.8 star rating on the various app store, this compatible with iOS and Android device mileage tracking app is one of the best due to the many features that endear it to users. From its free tracking of 30 automatic trips for a month and unlimited tracking for trips, this is an app you won’t want to miss out on.

The uncomplicated interface almost makes it easy to execute mileage orders and set up right on when the driving starts, many drivers have attested to the simplicity of the interface. The tax vault features make it possible to fill in a tax expense even before the taxing regulatory bodies file one, making it one of the best mileage tracker apps out there for smartphone users.

2. Hurdlr Mileage Tracker

The first interesting part of this app is its ability to work on both the Android, iOS and Windows platforms, that part alone makes it one of the best Mileage Track apps for Android and iOS.

With the multiple app features which add more functionality to the already easy-to-use and navigable options, having the Hurdlr app is a step in the right direction. This app is embedded with a third-party feature that enables the app to connect to other driving platforms and also helps to track mileage expenses.

3. Miles IQ Mileage Tracker

Miles IQ Mileage Tracker slides in the line as one of the best mileage tracker apps for android and iOS for its ability to differentiate between personal recording trips and business trips, allocating necessary costs where required.

The app offers multiple choice for drivers who work without a specific work table, averaging the miles taken and presenting the cost in the fair way possible, this app, however, has a blind spot, it does not estimate tax payment as drivers are allowed to input it manually or wait on the IRS to generate a tax receipt.

4. Stride

Stride is a free app that stays true to being free, you don’t have to worry yourself with subscriptions and renewals, once Installed it works just as other mileage apps.

In addition, the stride application features an automatic log on every mile whenever a driver hits the road and offers a basic income and expenses tracker and record with an IRS-ready report soft copy, making taxes compilation easy. No doubt, the Stride app is sure of one the best mileage tracker apps and it is available for android and iOS.

5. SherpaShare

Works very well for iOS devices and offers a free 14-day free trial before paying for premium services, SherpaShare mileage tracking app is one of the best mileage tracker apps for smartphone users.

The app houses a smart driver tool that helps drivers track their fuel consumption, speed limits etc aside from just helping out in tracking the cost of driving. The VIP support system when users subscribe to the premium feature adds to the list as to why this app is the best. Lastly, the app gathers data on routes that are free and accessible.

6. Triplog

Over the board and best of the best loads the Triplog Mileage Tracking App, the multi-functional mileage app remains on the list of best mileage tracking apps for Android and iOS users and this is due to some of its features that are quite known and explained below.

The GPS tracking app helps drivers track their expenses and help them stick to the budget allocated for their driving time as well as manage their timesheet and other minor schedules. To users who enjoy the benefit of tax breaks from the tax offices, the Triplog app could help set a schedule where a tax break is imminent, and finally, this app has links to third-party apps, giving it an overall recognition as one of the best mileage tracker apps for both Android and iOS users.

7. Quick Books Self Employed

Are you looking to categorize your personal and business transactions such that the difference between your expenses is spelt out? The Quick book Self-employed mileage app is one of the best for your android and iOS device.

It provides an accurate mileage analysis plus a user-friendly interface that gives users the ease of making and optimizing the interface of the app, there are plenty of reasons this app should be considered, it’s super efficient and also one of the best you can consider using.

8. Gridwise

There’s more to just being a regular mileage app on the various app store that Gridwise pose, it is that uniqueness that makes it stay one of the best mileage tracker apps to download for Android and iOS.

Upon the launch of the application, users are met with a friendly and smart interface that makes navigation around the home page easy, further, looking into the app also shows that aside from acting as a mileage tracker alone, the Gridwise app offers other related services that most similar apps don’t. This easy-to-install app however has its glitch, it should be noted that the Gridwise app only works for taxi services like Uber, Bolt etc.
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