Best Nintendo DS Emulators for Android and iOS (2022)

Picking the best Nintendo DS emulators is quite good if you’ll like to try some old Nintendo DS games once again on your Android or iOS device.

The Nintendo console is one that many veteran gamers wouldn’t forget in a hurry, from the super Mario, Naruto and mortal combat games, having these memories would mean a whole lot for old-school gamers.

Thankfully, the introduction of Emulators for Android and iOS devices have made it possible for anyone to play games or use apps that aren’t supported or available for their devices.

List of The Best Nintendo DS Emulators For Android & iOS

These emulators are free, they offer the best gaming experience ever and are built with modern technology, which surely leaves no room for old games to lag while you play them on your smartphones.

1. NDS4Droid

This free open-source emulator contains features that beat, hence making it one of the best Nintendo DS Emulators for Android. Knowing that it is open source means that certain changes and modifications could be carried out on it. Moving forward, let’s see what makes this emulator outstanding

First stop, it is one emulator that not only allows games to be played but also saved states and stages such that players could come back for it, it has ad-free access and a wide range of compatibility making this Nintendo emulator for Android one of the best, NDS4DROID is quite outdated, but you can download it’s modded version on any Google Play Store alternative or any website to download MOD APK for Android.

2. RetroArch

If ever you are looking for the best Nintendo DS Emulators that cut across all platforms, from iOS to Android, PS2, PS3, Xbox etc. then RetroArch is your sure bet. Now, not only does this emulator allow you playability on all platforms, but also maintains the classic feel of the old Nintendo DS games and interface.

RetroArch allows games to run smoothly on Android and that’s why most smartphone users love using this emulator, you can save games at any time, it’s an emulator with a lot of features and it runs different console games.

3. EmuBox

EmuBox is the new kid off when it comes to the best Nintendo DS Emulators for Android, iOS and other platforms which seem to outperform many existing emulators.

The emulator is said to have the best User graphics interface that’ll handle any Nintendo DS ROM. Not only that, this emulator supports external controllers and offers viewing in both Portrait and Landscape modes.

4. Drastic DS Emulator

The full-speed play and high graphics resolution this emulator dishes out is one reason why it stands as one of the best Nintendo DS Emulators for Android and iOS, many games on the latter console are rendered in HD.

Add to that, this emulator also is customizable such that users get to set the control to their preference, cheat codes can also be used in this emulator to jump a step or complete a mission. All these features make the Drastic emulator one of the best Nintendo DS emulators for android and iOS.

5. SuperNDS

Like the Emubox, this new emulator has cool features that make up for the lapse in most old Nintendo emulators for android and iOS, hence making them one of the best to try out, a peek into this emulator reveals that it accepts all Nintendo games stored in any format (NDs, Zip, RAR, etc.)

The gameplay is super fast and this emulator supports any game on the Nintendo console, like any game. With fair rendering and glitch-free graphics, using this emulator to play your favourite Nintendo game is something you sure would not regret.

6. Free DS Emulator

A lot of features have foreseen the Free DS Emulator to become one of the best Nintendo DS emulators out there, this emulator is only available for Android users and some of the features it offers are the ability to play Nintendo DS games at the highest speed possible, it also includes features like save game states and load game states.
From the decent graphics to the swift gameplay, it supports a wide range of file extensions which includes .nds, zips and other extensions, screen controls are editable on the Free DS Emulator. It’s an outstanding emulator and it’s one of the best out there.

7. iNDS

This Nintendo DS emulator for iOS might not be the best around but for iPhones and iPad, this emulator beat the rest. From the emulator working without jailbreaking to it being compatibility with an even higher version of iOS, it is safe to say that this Nintendo emulator slides in as the best for iOS.

Its auto-save options, in-app customization, video filters and even the graphics rendering of most Nintendo games add to the mix as being the best around. Although a little time and technical know-how are necessary for the installation.

8. NDS4iOS

NDS4iOS is the same as NDS4Droid, but this version works for iOS devices only and that’s why it’s one of the most recognized Nintendo DS emulators on the iOS platform, this emulator works on any iOS device that is running on iOS 5.1.1 and above.

This emulator supports different controllers, the graphical settings can be easily get tweaked, and it also has a built-in browser that’ll give you access to download games easily. It’s a smooth emulator and one of the best out there.
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